Turmeric Gummies - The Antioxidant & Antibacterial Agents


Say Hello to Our Turmeric Gummies - The Antioxidant & Antibacterial Agents


Yummy Gummy’s Turmeric Gummies - Yumminess & Medicine In One Chewy Nibble

Ah, Turmeric! One can’t say enough about this one. Hailed for its medicinal properties and luscious, bright yellow color, Turmeric has been “spicing up” the culinary and therapeutic world for centuries! 


Our Yummy Gummy Turmeric Gummies will not only burst in your mouth with a sweet, enticing flavor, but also provide you with their antioxidant and antibacterial superpowers, ready to reduce all and any swelling in the body! 


The perennial plant of Turmeric, known as Haldi in Hindu, is the root of the curcuma longa plant. It’s also in the same family as Ginger! 


The Turmeric plant is native to the tropical South Asian regions, and it’s been thought to have originated in India, thousands of years ago. It’s a treasured name in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for the abundance of healing properties it offers! 


Also, Haldi is so weaved into the Indian culture that many brides anoint their skin with the sacred spice for a natural glow on the eve of their wedding! Cool, right?


Imagine all the natural, ancient goodness you will be ingesting with every bite of our Yummy Gummy Turmeric Gummies, which we have molded into cutesy little yellow teddy gummy bears!


The Turmeric Gummies, which we have nicknamed “The Antioxidant and Antibacterial Agents,” are vegan, halal, gluten-free, GMO-free, AND produced in an FDA registered and inspected facility, like all our other Yummy Gummies!


In the Turmeric Gummies, we’ve also added black pepper extract, since black pepper contains the piperine compound which inhibits the metabolic breakdown of turmeric, meaning higher levels of the turmeric compounds remain in your body, and so the super-duper effects may increase!


Can taking vitamins get any funner than this? We think not! 


The Turmeric Gummies, as all our other Yummy Gummies, are prepared with the finest selection of ingredients to give your body and soul the nutritional care they deserve! 


Trust us on this oneand thank us later.


As a dietary supplement, we’d suggest you take two gummies per day.



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